Best gift to new baby

What is the Best gift you can give to new born baby ?

Best gift to new baby

“ The most magical day of my life was the day I become a mother….”  Source:

Of course, you will. No mother can ever forget the happy moment in her life. It is an amazing experience. Is not it?

From day one, your baby came into your life, you forgot the world around you. Your little baby is your focal point. You spend most of your time in your baby’s world. Nothing is important to you, other than your little one at that moment.

You can’t tolerate any distractions that deviate your attention from this. Suddenly if she cries, you get tensed. You do not know what to do. Some times, you totally get stuck up. You look for your mothers’ support if she can help. Even, you get tensed if your baby is silent for a long time.

You worry too much.  Isn’t it? It is true.

This is the very nature of a mother.

This happens to every new mother. Nothing to worry. You wish to have this moment for a long time. But babies grow faster. Time goes by without your notice, as your baby also grows. 

If you want to relive these moments again and again, the only best way is to capture this in the form of visuals like photos and Videos and by archive them securely. You can also make scrapbooks with photos captured at various baby’s growth milestones.

This is the best gift you can give to your baby as a parent. Imagine, when your baby grows as an adult and revisits this amazing Scrapbook, how do they feel? They feel proud of you for this priceless gift given by you. 

Do you want to be one of those mothers? If yes, then you are in the right place. I am going to explain in this article, How you can make yourself, one such great gift to your baby? Are you ready?

How to plan for photoshoot?

Best gift to a baby

First thing first is to have a clear plan in mind on “what to do, when to do, where to do, and how to do it?”. Here is the list of activities to follow.

  • Plan a photoshoot every week for the first month. Example: Say Sunday is photoshoot day for every week. 
  • Similarly, fix a day per month from 2nd month onwards till 12th month.
  • Brainstorm and finalize the suitable dress and props for every photo shoot. 
  • Also finalize, whether you do photoshoot your self or engage a professional if you want to have gorgeous photos with a professional look.

The most important task is how and where to store soft copies of photos or videos securely. You should be able to retrieve it easily at any time later.

How to prepare your Baby for the photoshoot?

Are you worried? when to take a baby photoshoot?. Whether to shoot when the baby is sleeping or while playing

No one else will know better, the best mood of your baby other than you. Identify such a series of intervals and plan for the shoot.

Ensure that your baby is done with bathing, milk feed, etc. Also, ensure baby has taken enough sleep before you proceed for the shoot.

Dress up the baby as per your plan, lay down her on a bed with a supporting pillow for a comfortable pose. Arrange props around your baby. If you are using any toys, ensure not to use sharp edge toys or metal toys that can harm your baby.

Check for proper light, preferably soft daylight is falling on the Baby. Usually, daylight comes from a window or doorway. So plan your shooting location according to the available light.

Best gift to newborn baby

Take a Mobile phone or camera (If you have one) and be ready. Start engaging with your baby by mimicking her sounds. In the first two weeks, she can’t make any sounds. But 3rd week onwards she makes little sounds other than crying. 

So, carefully Capture, series of photos and videos for your baby. If require take somebody’s help. Copy photos from mobile or camera and store them in a hard disk or cloud storage like Dropbox or Google drive.

Repeat this activity every time as per your schedule planned. Apart from this, there are two other occasions you can also plan for photoshoot. Pre-birthday Photoshoot, and Birthday celebrations event.

Pre birthday Photoshoot

I am one photoshoot theme
Baby girl enjoying photoshoot

When your baby attains the age of 11 months, she will be more inquisitive and playful with the things around. This is the right time to shoot a fun, playful pre-birthday photoshoot with special themes like Cake smash, I am turning one, Baby chef, Bathing baby, etc. You can capture very good candid moments of your baby while she is playing with these themes. 


First Birthday celebrations event

As a parent, you may be longing for your baby’s first birthday celebrations. You may have several plans to have grand celebrations as this is the biggest milestone of your Baby’s growth.

So whether it is small or grand celebrations have the photoshoot done to your baby to your satisfaction.

Making of a Scrapbook or Photo Book

Now, the time has come to prepare and complete scrapbook or photo book. You can make a simple book with all your baby printed photos. Alternatively, you get the photo book printed with a customized design of your choice.

You can approach any photo studio in your neighborhood or you can check for album designers or Photo bookmakers online and get the printing done. 

I hope this article helps you to make a precious gift to your baby by doing it yourself. If yes share this with your friends and family members who are looking for such guidance. 

Let me know, in comments below, what is your thoughts on this?

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